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Shipyard space is sacred… Manolis Psaros

Shipyard space is sacred… Manolis Psaros

The boat Katerina is a genuine traditional sailing boat built in 1958 in Perama by the famous Georgios Psarros, who was possibly Greece’s top traditional wooden boat builder in the previous century.

The 1950s and 1960s were a golden age for Perama as a whole, but particularly for the “Psarrou Shipyard.” People with some financial means who enjoyed the sea started to commission such vessels from the master-georgis. They were the first boats built in Greece.

The “Kirki,” an 18-meter trawler for businessman Brusko, was the first traditional pleasure boat constructed at the “Psarrou Shipyard.” They trailed Artemis Denaxas’ 23-meter trawler “Ios,” who was also the Minister of Commercial Shipping. Foreign lovers of the Greek seas started to order such yachts from Psarros in the early 1960s.

First, in the summer of 1962, the French Baron de Rothschild Rothschild took possession of “Saita,” a beautiful 23-meter schooner. Many decades later, the well-known fashion designer Givenchy purchased “Saita,” which continues to grace the Greek waters to this day. Following this, many traditional boats were built, including the “Pandora” of shipowner Panagos Laimos, and the “Aetos,” an elegant 32-meter schooner of shipowner Fotis Likiardopoulos.

Source: Kathimerini

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