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When it comes to cruises, Katerina Sailing is unrivaled.

Katerina traditional sailing yacht, provides a unique and authentic way to experience the beauty of Skiathos, whether you’re an experienced sailor or a first-time adventurer.

The yacht Katerina is a genuine traditional sailing boat built in 1958 in Perama by the famous Georgios Psarros, who was possibly Greece’s top traditional wooden boat builder in the previous century.

Boat specifications

Katerina is an Authentic Traditional Sailing Yacht That Was Built In 1958 In Perama (Athens) By The Famous Georgios Psarros, Possibly The Top Shipbuilder Of Wooden Traditional Boats In Greece In The Last Century. Due to its weight it travels safely in any weather conditions, even in a wind speed of 9 Beaufort. The yacht can reach a speed of 10 knots.

  • Ship length: 18,52 m
  • Ship width: 5 m
  • Ship height: 2,75 mShip weight: 40 tons
  • Cabinets: 4 (3 double beds, 2 single bed, 1 bunk bed)
  • WC: 2
  • People: 22 + 3 Crew
  • Engine: MTU – Mercedes 260HP
  • Safety equipment: life Jackets (28 people) &
  • lifecraft  (25 people)
  • Communication: 2 VHF DSC
  • Radar: Simrad Halo
  • Sound system: Fusion with amplifier 2000 Watt (Bluetooth-4 zones)
  • Accompanying vessel: 4,3 Jokker boat with an Yamaha 50HP engine.

Traditional sailing yacht Katerina

This beautiful sailing yacht was launched and completely refurbished for the summer of 2023!
Beginning in the summer of 2023, Katerina Sailing Yacht will offer daily cruises as well as special events and packages.
Whether you want to spend a lazy day soaking up the sun or celebrate a special occasion with family and friends, they have the ideal package for you.
The yacht crew is experienced, and they will take you through the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea so you can see the beautiful views of Skiathos’ coastline, hidden coves, and untouched beaches.
Along the way, you can sip cool drinks and eat delicious local food made by our chef while enjoying the warm Mediterranean sun.
A traditional sailing boat like Katerina gives you a unique and real way to see the beauty of Skiathos, whether you’re an experienced sailor or just starting out.
Book your daily cruise or special event package today and prepare for a memorable journey!

Charming beyond compare

Discover North Sporades in style with our Traditional Sailing Yaght.
The boat staff is experienced , and they will lead you through the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea, allowing you to take in the breathtaking views of Skiathos’ coastline, hidden coves, and untouched beaches



A brief background for the yacht KATERINA 

The yacht, Katerina, is a genuine wooden sailing yacht.
It was built in 1958 in Perama by the famous Georgios Psarros, who may have been Greece’s best traditional wooden boat builder in the last century.

Pssarros: The site of the shipyard is sacred.
Read about Manolis Psarros

The 1950s and 1960s were a golden age for Perama as a whole, but particularly for the “Psarrou Shipyard.” People with some financial means who enjoyed the sea started to commission such vessels from the master-georgis. They were the first boats built in Greece.
The “Kirki,” an 18-meter trawler for businessman Brusko, was the first traditional pleasure boat constructed at the “Psarrou Shipyard.” They trailed Artemis Denaxas’ 23-meter trawler “Ios,” who was also the Minister of Commercial Shipping. Foreign lovers of the Greek seas started to order such yachts from Psarros in the early 1960s.
First, in the summer of 1962, the French Baron de Rothschild Rothschild took possession of “Saita,” a beautiful 23-meter schooner. Many decades later, the well-known fashion designer Givenchy purchased “Saita,” which continues to grace the Greek waters to this day. Following this, many traditional boats were built, including the “Pandora” of shipowner Panagos Laimos, and the “Aetos,” an elegant 32-meter schooner of shipowner Fotis Likiardopoulos.
Our Facilities

Why Choose Us

Our three-member skilled crew is eager to assist you by providing you with unforgettable experiences


Experienced Team

Traditional sailing Katerina's crew knows Greek seas well. They can recommend the best swimming, snorkeling, and exploring areas and ensure your safety and enjoyment.

Authentic sailing experience

Authentic sailing experience: Traditional sailing Katerina lets you sail aboard a traditional wooden boat used in Greece for decades. This is a memorable approach to experience Greek culture and history.

Small group sizes

Traditional sailing Katerina only takes small groups of passengers, ensuring that you get a more personal and intimate experience. This allows you to build relationships with your fellow passengers and to have a more customized sailing experience.

Flexible itineraries:

Katerina may build itineraries to suit your interests. The crew can plan a trip to quiet coves or busy ports.

Private Chef

A professional chef on board who cooks delicious meals

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